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I learned something today.  Well, not really “learned it” but “understood” better when we find ourselves being afflicted as a direct result of something we have done.  God has promised to send a “rod of correction” when we have done something wrong.  Let me explain.

I needed to find work and new housing arrangements eventually.  I received a tax refund and thought to go back, “out there” for just one more time, just a few hours.  While, “out there”, I didn’t take the precautions I knew I should have and lost/gave more money than I was wanting to spend and because of lying in order to cover my choices with those who were providing current care for me, I was told I had till the end of the month to find what I should have spent that day looking for:  housing and employment.

Providentially, they both came on the same day.  I lived in an extended living motel, which was nice but the job was forty-five minutes walking, one way, and since there was no adequate public transportation and the job, I hated with a passion, but I needed work.  Day after day, walking I prayed asking why was this happening to me?  I knew this was directly due to my bad choice and it was His rod of correction.  I turned to whatever sources I could to try and better my situation but there was no resolve UNTIL GOD said so.

In other words, He who has brought this upon you, to help you, will not relieve you until He brings you out.  You cannot look for friends, relatives, or things to relieve you from the just punishment of the One Who ordered this on your behalf.  Take the time given to consider what has happened and why, and when next you are faced with similar choices, you will remember the pain and discomfort and choose correctly.


In adversity, this is the time to sit and consider what you did wrong, and allow God to minister to you as no one else can.