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I had to go into the city today and coming back home there was a guy, asleep with a tattered blanket covering most of his body and face.  People were riding to their destinations, stepping over and around him, trying not to disturb him.  My thoughts were, “couldn’t he have chosen a better seat out of the way of everyone else!

Most people use conveyance systems as a way to get to a final destination.  Has this guy already arrived at his and still found there was nowhere to go?  That’s what addiction is.  We have gotten as high as we can possibly be, and while traveling the road, we became smelly, foul, disgusting, abusive and deadened to how people see us.  We might as well cover ourselves with a tattered blanket because no one wants to see us and why should we allow them to see us in the worse condition of our lives?  Is it we’re calling out for help?  Do we wish to be noticed for an opportunity of doing better?

Whether this man was on the train to keep warm during a frigid morning, or because he hadn’t found any other place to sleep during the night, he was in movement.  The whole concept of sobriety and getting better is to keep moving, never stopping until we have reached that final destination—heaven.  


If you are traveling along the tracks of life, any stop other than the destination we’re heading…

Is just another station.