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One of the most disturbing and difficult experience to undergo is trying to answer this question, “Where will I go after…”

Whether you are in recovery, jail, program or home and there doesn’t seem to be the next place set up to receive you, don’t worry where will you go.  Let your focus be on God who has promised to provide for you.  He knows your situation better than you.  Now, you should do what you can to try and find work, housing, etc., but it is God’s promise and desire to do so for you.  After all, it is He who has brought you into clean-living and it is He who desires to keep you that way.

Although the next phase of life may not be as desirable as you would have planned for yourself, your basic needs will be provided.  Today, I do not have my own home, but where I sleep is warm.  It’s not a bed, but it’s not the floor.  I’m not hungry.  I have some money in my pocket.  I have clean clothing.  However God arranged this for me, and through whatever source He has chosen, it is still God who has done it, provided for me.  And He will continue to do so because He’s my Father.  A good father and He’s the best will not leave His child fending for themselves, not when He’s invited him in from the mess we’ve come from.  So, now you know the next phase of your relationship with Him.  It’s all about “trust”.  This is what keeps “ALL” of us from growing, the sober and the clean.  Our lack of “trust”.

You trusted the dope dealer to provide you with the good stuff.  Now, why can you not trust God to provide you with the best?