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…He’s going to do a thorough job.

Once He has completed the major sin which impacted your life, He’ll bring to the surface the next one.  And, as before, you will justify why it’s not such a big issue, as compared to the one you’ve left in the past, but God has to clean it up.  When you made the decision to give your life to God and allowed Him to wipe away your struggle with addiction, it is His purpose to clean you totally.  After all, salvation is only achieved with a total cleansing of the person, not partial.

Let Him do it.

Let Him take you apart, bit by bit, and complete the task He’s wanted to do and you’ve wanted Him to do.  It will hurt.  You will wonder how you can go on without “something” to keep you feeling alive.  Why is it we need some salacious activity to feel alive?  Why is it we feel we cannot go through life without having some type of vice to hold onto?  Let it go.  Let it go.  Let it “all” go.  God will be faithful in showing, rather, discovering to you what it is that keeps Him from meeting you squarely.  Just think, He’s preparing you to meet Him.  How many instances to do we prepare ourselves for an event and found it was not quite what we expected?  Well, God knows what He want and He’s willing to prepare you, me, us, so that all of our expectations will find immense fulfillment.

Cleaning has never been a pleasurable task, but the end result is worth it.

When you give your life to God, He will unmask, 

everything hidden, it’s no easy task.

Just like a new waxed floor, brilliant in sheen, 

this will be the result of your life now so clean.