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There is only one way to do this, attaining a clean lifestyle from addiction:  completely and properly.

When we were, “out there” we made all kinds of deals in getting the best stuff, for the right price.  We negotiated the places where we could use safely, having to negotiate giving something to “the House”.  I still say, if we could take these talents and turn them into something positive, nothing could stop us!  And nothing will stop us “if” we continue to pursue our abstinence from substances and other addictions as long as we do it completely and properly.  There are no shortcuts to achieving the goal we desire.  The only one who would be shorted is ourselves.  God would be saddened, but He still goes forward and this is what He wants for us.

You cannot make any agreements or deals anymore other than doing completely and properly what is going to be asked from you as you travel this new road of clean-living.  If someone asks you to clean something, do it as if it is God doing the same in your life.  If you do the work half-way, then God is able only to do the same for you and the end result will be you’re going back, “out there” and you know what this means.  There is coming a day when all of this will be behind us, but for now, it is in front of us and the only way to get it behind us is to just, “do it”.  But, do it completely and properly.


The only person who stands in the way of our sobriety is—us!