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When I decided to write this devotional, for us, I also made the decision to put everything truthful in it.  Not holding back one bit.  So, you need to know I put some money in my pocket, one of my triggers, and with the thought of finding something, went, “out there” to look.  As I walked, I thought about how I ate a good meal today with a friend, even able to treat the both of us.  I live in a comfortable home with those things which brings me happiness.  I have a good job, and nearing the end of probation with three months to go and I’m,  “out there” again where it all started almost twenty years ago!  My back started hurting and it was getting difficult to walk, so I headed back home.

As I got closer to home, I recognized I was blessed.  I wondered what would have happened had there been that person I was looking for, even though I don’t know anybody, but supposed I did run into someone, what would have happened?  I know the answer and so do you.  I know He protected me by clearing the streets by having chosen where I live today, no car to transport myself as easily as before.  I have to walk and my back hurts.  As I turned into the last leg of my journey home, I thought about the previous’ day and the blessings I have.  I could see the light to my room, knowing I was making it back home just an hour after I left.  As I put the key into the lock and entered my room, I gave thanks for having made it back home, even with my back still hurting, I am grateful.  I don’t need to be comfortable, “out there”.  As if that were possible!

I can even give thanks for the pain I do have.  It’s a whole lot better than the pain I used to know.