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As I communicate with many, even just today, and I look back from this point and review the past year, what I see is a lot of confusion.  But, this is “good” confusion!  How so?  Because the confusion is a result of many trying to find their way.  Personalities get involved when someone with whom we’re discussing is not along the same path we’re traveling, and we think they should, then debates ensue, even arguments.  Secondly, the fact there are many others pursuing what you are pursuing is good because the opposite is not so good.  This is when we don’t care, one way or the other, and wish to coast along and allow others to do the dirty work and just “tell me what I need to believe” syndrome kicks in.

I had this experience, in prison.  Not once but twice.  Let me explain.  When I was walked through the doors of what would be my federal experience, for the next 26 months, my first retreat was to the chapel where they had as good a library as they were able to put together.  On my own time I would go in there, wondering what book I should take.  Now, I need to make this point: there was no distinction within the library as it was with the type of service being conducted.  You would have Protestant and Catholic services, by their appropriate chaplain; however, there were no distinction with regards to the library.  During my time there, I selected my first book, finished and went in and seemed to be directed to what would be the next book.  Then the next.  And, then the next and this is what I found:  it seemed as if my selection was ordained because where one ended the next began.  And it didn’t matter if it were Catholic or from a Protestant author.  The message came through what God wanted me to see during that experience.  This occurred during my second “bid” as it is called in, “prison lingo”.

Now, being free and having so much more information to go through, this time, including YouTube videos, I am finding I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get through all I would like to get through, but what I am finding out is the same principle God taught me inside the wall is taking place outside the wall.  God is guiding my learning and is giving me assurances I’m on the path He is leading.  What I have also learned is this, and this is most important:  when you are reading, watching or listening to material, there is no way you are going to be able to absorb what the presenter purposed to give.  The realization has to be this, we must learn to “glean” what God is directing our attention and He will build upon this.  I can spend an hour watching an entire video, but it was something within the video which might have only been thirty seconds of material God wanted me to see to be added to my “curriculum”, if you will, of learning.

God said, through Daniel, as we near the end of time information was going to be made revealing what the Scriptures says.  God was not telling a lie.  Just go on YouTube and see the voluminous information available, even on one particular subject.  Consider the printed word material available, as well.  It can be overwhelming.  Perhaps this is why Christ stated when He left He would send the Holy Spirit because He would “guide” us and “assure” us we are being led to the truth, which means, bypassing all error along the way.  Oh yes!  Don’t doubt for a moment the enemy has not enough false material available to persuade you and guide you into his way of thinking.  He wants you to think you are being proactive and learning but his curriculum leads to the opposite direction than the one the Holy Spirit is guiding.  We must not only be careful, but prayerful as to what God is doing in our lives.

While there is time for recreation and getting away from our need to further our education along Christ’s ideal for us, this, too, needs to be curtailed.  How much time you spend in recreation as compared to being re-created, into His person, will tell, if not to you, than to others who are watching you and listening to you.  The song says it quite adequately, “And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”  But in order for this to take place, we must be “looking upon Him” by turning our eyes from what we want to what we should want, which, if taken ahold of us, will eventually be all we want.  Did you get that?

So, do not be overwhelmed with the amounts of material to be covered.  Please, don’t.  What is worse is when you sit thinking you will leave the hard work to the pastor, teacher or some other person you might respect and expect to be the one to share with you.  Each of us are required to put forth the effort to gain something for ourselves.  We must set aside time, each day, to be led by His Spirit in getting our education, our “glorious” education completed so we can graduate and walk not only in the newness of life, but upon some streets, I hear, which are paved in gold!

March 9, 2017