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God had a plan for our lives and sobriety long before we even got an inkling of what He was doing.  He knew exactly how to plan everything to work out properly for us; when we moved from one phase to the next, at the right moment.  There is a grave danger of moving too fast, which is what those in sobriety suffer most.  We leave the nest too soon and find ourselves back in the cruel world even less prepared and vulnerable than before.  It’s the reason many of us never make it back.  We give up, “out there”, because we think recovery has failed and we are hopeless.  In truth, we never gave it time.

How much time is necessary for complete healing?  For as long as it takes.  We are all individuals who suffered individually.  The time it takes for us to get back on track will be an individual goal—not collective.  We cannot gauge ourselves by comparing with others in ministries or recovery houses we are in.  You cannot base it upon the counselors and staff members who are put in place to assist you.  The only One you can keep your focus on is Jesus.  He will be the One Who will ensure you are coming along fine and knows exactly when to release you back into the cruel world from which you were saved.  Can you not trust His timing?

Every meeting, every song, every prayer, every visit, every meal, every church gathering, every day has been put into place to bring you closer to the ultimate goal.  Not to return home, not to return to work, not to return to your family, not even to serve in the church.  The ultimate goal He’s preparing you for is salvation.  Since He knows the way, doesn’t it make sense to let Him bring us to it?

Your sobriety is not based upon another’s experience, but God’s experience with you.