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A woman missed her bus and couldn’t make her connection to get to her destination.  Someone assisted her by allowing her to call a friend to explain why she would be late.  I tried to see if it were possible for her to catch something else which would get her to her connection.  There was only one suggestion—a cab.  When the suggestion was made, two things were made clear:  funds were low, and the day was ruined.  I offered to pay for the cab.  Her day began to look bright again.

I got a call two mornings later from the office saying a woman dropped off a postcard and cookies because of the gift I made.  A gift?  It was that same gift which was made to me repeatedly when I needed food to eat, transportation to get to work, a place to stay, a job to earn money.  It was that same gift when at times I looked on the ground and found money placed there, for me, by Him.  No one else could see that twenty-one dollars, so expertly folded on the subway station ramp.  It was placed there, for me.  It was God’s gift.  Now, I’m able to make the same gift to someone else who’s having a difficult moment in life.  It’s a way of saying, “thanks” to God who looked out for me when I was, “out there”.  Now, it’s time to give back.

Oh, what a nice feeling it is to be able to give and not be the receiver.

It is truly better to give than to receive.  Receiving implies things are not so good!