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Have you ever sat and considered all those times when the urge to pick up again came and how strong the feeling was?  If it could be possible to attach electrodes to your body and tap onto the power of the urge and the struggle which ensued, you could probably save electrical costs of your home.  That struggle was something else! Particularly those times you were victorious and didn’t succumb to going back, “out there”.  I have a newsflash for you.  You were not struggling against yourself but against God.

There was something within you which kept you from jumping right up those many times when you didn’t, and kept you from resuming a life of sorrow and sadness.  You thought the battle was yours, but it wasn’t.  It was God’s.  You were fighting against God, not the addiction.  You see, the addiction has already won.  You can’t win against it.  It was God you were fighting against because it was He who was giving you every reason to prevent you for making the choice to go back, “out there”.  It was God you were fighting against—not the substance.  How do I know this?  Think about when you picked up that first one.  There was a certain feeling of relief, wasn’t there?  That relief was because God stepped back and allowed you to follow the decision you made.  Your struggle was not with the drug because you already knew what it could do and how you would lose if you did it.  God was preventing you from falling into a path you know so well.

When you make it back, “if” you make it back, the struggle will continue again.  It’s a battle of your will against His will.  There’s no drug involved in the battle.  That’s merely the prize.  What a prize, huh?  Who would even care to win that!

It would be best for us to stop the struggle and accept the victory which is ours already.