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There is nothing I did except to follow and I didn’t do it well.  I know for a fact the totality of the success of my sobriety is due to Him.  Without Him there is no way I could have gone as far as I did.  It was He who suggested I can do better and offered encouragement to me in so many ways which motivated me to continue reaching my hand out to Him who was so willing to grasp a hold on it.  He did not let me go.  Whenever I fell backwards, His hand never stopped being outstretched, purposely for me.  So, whenever I had a moment of clear-mindedness, I was able to reach out and grasp a hold of His again.  I am grateful to Him.

Others would have you to think it was their organization, sponsor or some effort made in preventing yourself from surrounding yourself with people, places and things.  It has nothing to do with it.  Too much emphasis is being placed on the tools used instead of the Tool Provider!  My sobriety had nothing to do with the recovery groups I attended, the psychologists I spoke with, the avoidance of where I used to go, a sponsor who offered suggestions.  It really didn’t have anything to do with what I did because only what I could do was to let myself be willing to let Him bring about the change which would matter most of all.

It is true, as the lyrics of a famous song says, “I owe it all to Him.” 


The only thing I did was follow a plan determined for me since it was better than the one I was using.