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“You must go after sobriety as a drowning man fights for just one more breath of air.”  If the visual sticks in your mind, then you can see the seriousness of the fight to survive a life without addiction.  It’s a fight and as you can imagine and hear how lifeguards have to be careful when they make an attempt to save someone from drowning, if you are not careful, the drowning person will injure you and cause you to lose your life!  There will be many who will try to invade your plan of new life and will want you to return to the place where you left them.  You have to knock them out!  But at the same time, you must distinguish between those who would hurt you and those who are put into place to help you.  Don’t knock them out!  Let them do their job to assist you in bringing you closer to the goal you both have in mind.  Remember, when they dive into the pool of your mess to bring you to safety, many times, they are putting their own lives in peril.  The same danger which they once experienced is brought back to their own mind, reminding them of the dangers of addiction.

It does take those of us who know and understand to be the responsible party to go back and pull someone else from the foolishness.  We are the only ones who completely understand what the other goes through.  Others have theory, we have experience.  They cannot use the same con game against someone who has used it themselves.  We will know, innately, if they are telling the truth or not.  Many times, we will let those who are bent on destruction return and we’re only left with the prayer we can offer to hopefully bring them back to that moment when they regained a little of their sense.  That was a moment of sobriety.  Try to not let it go.  It’s worth fighting to keep.

As someone who was drowning is able to breathe again, taking into their lungs the wonderment of oxygen, you too, must take in the wonderment of your sobriety.