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Today as I rode the bus home, the bus driver was venting how terrible things are, how she wanted to join the Peace Corp and do something meaningful with her life.  How a relationship, which did not start on reasonably good ground continued to get worse and worse until it broke up altogether.   It sounded serious and having lived through similar circumstances, I was able to detect desperation.  So, I gave her a little of my food and got fed in the process.

I, too, am struggling with my own issues of life.  Thoughts of substance abuse have revived after a period of dormancy as well as relationship problems and not knowing how to proceed and how far to carry it, and fears of being discovered in my legal issues, etc., etc., etc.  But, as I opened my mouth, Someone took over and shared a word with us both.  I spoke about my experiences and by doing so, she felt better and was given another footing to make a go of her life.  We all need coaching and cheering at times.

When she dropped me off in front of my door, I walked a little bit lighter realizing whatever exchange just happened, it was for me, too.  I felt better.  I could continue taking about the challenges I, too, was having in my own life.  It is true.  What we give to others is actually being returned to ourselves.

Just now, I’m IMing someone who lives very far away who talked about crying silently on her way home last night.  Excuse me now because I gotta go get fed again…

It is so remarkably true.  When you have given to someone else who is having a bad moment,  to enlighten them, you return the same to yourself.