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There are times, as a former addict, you cannot help but to look backwards and reminiscence.  We miss those things we had and often it brings sadness.  I’ve learned, now, when looking backward to try and see how God’s hand was involved.  To see how He brought me through some of the most difficult times in my life.  My name is not Elijah, but I clearly can see how there were times when He’s fed me, not by birds, but other incredible ways.  My name is not Moses, but I’ve seen a sea of problems seemingly open right down the middle and offered clear passage.  I suffer, as we all do.  This is not strange but ordinary.  But in my suffering, today, I have the ability now to look back over those times in my life when I thought, then, it was the most difficult experience I was facing and recognized I’m here today because of what He did.  Can I not believe NOW He will do the same?  This is what I have to remember to bring me through and not allow the unknown to crush me.

Soon, all of this will pass away.  This is all temporary.  What you and I are going through is character building and it must be seen as such.  He is trying to establish a working relationship with us utilizing various tools.  Some of them hurt, but those are the ones which leave a deeper impression.  Since He is God and is known for knowing it all, can I not trust He knows what He is doing on my behalf?  Can I not trust Someone who is able to see the end right from where I am standing now and just leave it into His hands to get me where I cannot see today?  He’s gotten me to this point in my life and I just as soon trust Him with the rest.

You have to believe with your whole being, God has His best for you.  Look how He’s brought you through all the mess you’ve conjured for yourself.