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When we’re brought to the point where we are today, sobriety, we are not sent on a journey without everything we need to continue in this way.  Remember when you fell into substance abuse how you had to learn how to do it properly?  What materials to use, where you could get them and what amounts of product.  Some of us never stepped inside a chemistry class but you could acquire and mix chemicals as if you wore a white lab coat.  Some of us, if we could only use the talents we gleaned while, “out there”, convincing our contacts to give us what we needed although we didn’t have money or anything to trade, that gift utilized in the correct way, would be second to none in the world of diplomacy in the United Nations.

God has not left us without tools to accomplish this goal of clean-living.  He’s constantly involved in not keeping the sin from entering into our sphere of life for this is will only occur once we’re in heaven, but He works in changing us from the inside to where we no longer want those things which were deadly.  He will not take over your will but what He will do, working with you, begin to guide you in the way which He would have you to go, so you will go willingly just as you went willingly on those missions before to acquire.

Listen to your self in your quiet space and you will begin to recognize a change within yourself where you will no longer want to do those things you have done before.  It’s not only Him working within you but it is also you willing to work with Him to achieve the same goal, not so much sobriety as much as it is eternal life.  Once we see the importance of this goal, we will begin to desire it and will not want anything to come in between.

I read once:  God does not give you a mission, without furnishing what you need to accomplish it.