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Have you ever considered this:  God is watching you?  I mean, think about it, He is actually right there, in your face, observing and following your every move.  He was there when you snuck into that house to purchase your fix.  He saw you leave and meet up with that so-called friend who got you a safe-house to get your high going.  He was there during the using and was there when you left, thinking nobody saw you.  It wasn’t what He was doing during the time but what you were doing.  He didn’t like it.  He was not amused but hurt.  Think about it.  How would you feel when someone professes to love you and even though they know you are watching them to act as if it didn’t matter to them?

So many times our actions make a very bold statement.  It is:  we do not believe in God and He is involved in our every daily affair, or we don’t care He is observing us.  Which is it?  How can we become upset when in His love He corrects us?  How can we challenge Him and have the nerve to ask Him to remove the pain we are suffering when He saw everything we did, and in pure justice allowed the correction to occur?  We showed we didn’t care He was watching us and when He corrects us we show we don’t care to receive His help by complaining and asking others to ask Him to stop!  What nerve we have.

There are certain things we wouldn’t want others to see us doing as well as we wouldn’t want to see what others are doing, but God sees it all and doesn’t turn His face.  He’s only hoping you would notice His presence and ask for the help He is so willing to give.

If we would remember our very act is being witnessed by angels, perhaps we would reconsider what we are attempting to do.