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I have come to the conclusion when dealing with substance abuse, we have to be specific in remembering what it was which kept us, “out there”.  We do this for the purpose of remembering what it was we also hated and what has driven us to where we are today—in sobriety.  There will be those who will say you must not think about the past and the memories associated with that past life otherwise you will be drawn back in.  I disagree.  I think the reason we’re drawn in is because we do not reflect on the pain, filthy living conditions, hunger, uncomfortable in the summer, cold in winter, lack of water moments which accompanied the euphoric feeling of a high.  Something as so minimal to not have toilet paper is forgotten until you are placed in a position when you need it.  You do remember not having it, don’t you?  And what you had to do in order to compensate?  This is what you should remember.

Specifics work in our state of sobriety.  Specifics work when we take time to pray.  The Bible says, “We have not because we ask not”.  We need to be as specific when we talk to God and tell Him exactly what are our thoughts, our fears, and our hunger for that life which is growing weaker and weaker by the hour as we keep ourselves in His care.  It is good to be specific when we talk to others about our concerns in this life for it is only when we are honest with ourselves, and others, and God, we can then draw upon the strength which is made available to us.  You ask someone for loose change, you will never receive the dollar you do need.  Ask for a five dollar bill, there is a good chance you will get it, if not, at least a dollar.  Otherwise, all you will ever end up with is loose change, and we do not want the change in our life to become loose, now do we?

When praying to God, be specific.