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You will be faced with times when you are not able to see what to do, where to go, how to live, where to turn but I want you to know, “God is Able”.  Whatever it is you are not able to see, God sees clearly.  Whatever message you are not getting, God understands and don’t want you to miss anything so don’t think for one moment you will miss something from Him.  He knows your limitations and doesn’t ask you to go beyond what you are able to do, but He wants you to know with Him you are able to accomplish more than you could possibly know.

People will tell you addiction is something you’ll have to face for the rest of your life.  It is obvious they don’t know God.  People will tell you you will be an addict the remainder of your life.  It is obvious they don’t know God.  They will have you thinking you have to do this or that and if you don’t you will fail in your desire to overcome addiction.  It is obvious, they don’t know God.  God is more than able to cure you of whatever problems you have in your life, but you must believe He is doing it and has.  Then you have to go forward living your life in victory not as an invalid afraid to get up and go forward in your life.

God never fails to uphold any of His promises.  If you take your addiction to Him in prayer, and then leave it with Him, “God is Able” to bring about the desired results and keep you continuing living a healed life and be a witness for those who don’t know Him.

Since others enabled you to live a life of addiction, why not enable God to bring healing to your life?