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Somewhere along the way, when I re-gave my heart to God and came across the verse which said “…He will grant me the desires of my heart…” I walked away thinking all I lost in my course of substance abuse would be returned to me, perhaps even greater.  But, when I consider my prayer for salvation, the request was to “save me”.  Not give me my family back.  Not give me my job, home and money back.  It was to be saved.  And He has done that.

My desires should be to continue along the path He has chosen for me.  To live accepting—daily, what He wants me to experience.  To grow closer to Him.  To live for Him.  Those things I had, if they were all that good, then I would not have given them away.  Perhaps He allowed those things to leave because they were clouding my judgment and in the way of the relationship He has wanted with me.  He allowed the substance abuse to enter into my life, another form of clouding the mind so I will desire to reach through the clouds and seek clarity of life and mind.  To desire to live a better life, not only for me, but for Him.  This is what my heart desires today.

It should be our purpose, as we reach forward in our life, to attain salvation. There is nothing else as important—nothing!