Lately, as I have posted sobering messages dealing with endtime events, I’m getting the impression many are not accepting of this message because of two reasons: (1) They’re concerned about their family and friends, and (2) They’re not ready themselves!  The fact of the matter is, we knew this time would come.  Why is it you believe this could not be the time?

Certainly, I understand how our every day lives can be considered and we don’t want the disruption.  We have made plans.  We see, some of us, who still have young children in the home, cannot perceive of them being harmed by what we know what will take place during the Time of Trouble.  We have made high-end purchases, cars and homes, and we cannot perceive having to leave them and “head for the hills”, as it is told us we will have to do.  Some of us are only months from receiving Social Security and have considered retirement and our idea of retiring and running, unless it was jogging, was not in our plan for our golden years.  In fact, anything having to do with endtime events is, well, an inconvenience and we’d just like to live out the remaining years of our lives, in peace.

Too many are focused on the political scene and think if we continue making comments, join the resistance movement, our involvement will put off what is imminent.  Too many are using the phrase, “Occupy till I come” as our reasoning not to focus on His coming.  We’re not seeing the signs and if we are, we are doubting their relevance.  We should know better.

I think about Abraham.  I think about how he was chosen from his family as the one who would be given a blessing which the others did not get.  I think about Israel and how all of Canaan was lost.  I then think about the Gentiles given what the Israelites denied, and now our time, I am considering a lost world where many would not follow the conditions set down, by God, and wish to receive salvation their way.  We are all given a chance.  The same God who has saved/is saving me, is the same God doing miracles of salvation in the lives of everyone; however, many are turning a deaf ear, a blind eye and have decided to make a go of it in their way, their customs and with their traditions.  It’s worked well for their grandparents and parents, it should work well, for them, but what is the truth?  It won’t.

Whole nations will be lost.  Whole conferences will be lost.  Whole cities will be lost.  We have witnessed this already during Scripture times, therefore, why not believe it can happen in our time?  We are right upon the brink of everything written regarding endtimes is getting ready to happen and mentally, emotionally and physically, we are not prepared.  In fact, let’s be honest:  we don’t want it to happen.  Not right now.

I think about the people who lived during the early “time of trouble” during the Middle Ages.  I think about how families were torn apart, how many witnessed the death of their children and/or parents before having their own eyes closed for the last time.  I think about those who walked to the fire pyres set for them.  I think about those who faced the firing squad, the quartering.  With technology being what it is today, there is no telling, no describing what many of us will witnessed.  Some think I have a cold heart because of some of the words I said regarding homosexuals and Muslims.  It is reality.  It will be these same groups who will give you up, or should, because they won’t decide, as a group, to make the proper choice for Christ.  Please understand, I have no issue with “individuals” but as a group they are lost and I don’t have a problem saying it because I’m repeating the same thinking of Christ.

On the mount as He looked upon the Temple and looked forward into the ages to come, He saw how His sacrifice would not be received by the majority.  He saw each man, woman and child being rejected because they never accepted the chance offered them.  We are able to look backward and see how every man, woman and child were drowned in the Flood.  They, too, were given the chance but did not accept it.  The time will again be repeated, so why is it you wish it not to come when you know it will?  Everything is pointing that THIS is THAT time we have been waiting for.  It will not be pleasant nor a happy time but we must look deeply within ourselves and recognize after it is all accomplished, THEN our joy WILL COME in the morning.  Right now, morning seems a long way off, but it will come.  But, we must go through the DARKEST period of this planet’s history.  And, we will.

Don’t pass the chance given to you—today!


February 14, 2017