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I was in the store shopping for my weekly groceries when a guy walked up to me claiming to have known me.  He did.  This was Angel.  He recognized my voice laughing, something which has happened many times before.  I hadn’t seen him since I left my first drug ministry, prematurely, 16 years ago.  He and I both had false starts but eventually completed.  It was good to see him, bringing back memories of when we were at lowest points in our life.

Today, we’re at our highest point because we have recovered.  We’ve gone on to wage war against other battles in our lives, keeping our focus on the new ones not wanting to return to a battle already fought and won.  It was good to see him because in seeing someone we knew once upon a time, gives us an idea of how much we’ve grown and how others see us.

We exchanged phone numbers promising to call each other soon.  I haven’t done so.  Probably won’t either.  It was just good to see someone who, too, is telling the same story I’m telling.

Angels can come in many differing shapes and sizes. Someone will one day consider you an “angel”

Because of the message you will carry to them.