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We were all born to greatness.  When God first thought of us, He had a plan in place where He would be involved in our lives in such a way we couldn’t help but be thankful and would share what we received.  Because God knows all, it is impossible to disappoint Him.  We didn’t have a clue about the plan for our lives, but we were given the opportunity to either go the way He planned or to develop our own plan.  Substance abuse was our plan gone awry.

Since we have some clean-time, whether it is several years or several hours, we have a responsibility.  It is tell others what God has done for us.  Only we understand what we went through, how we suffered and felt hopeless and in many cases thought death our only escape—yet, it has been whatever it has been, free, from whatever it was we were using to destroy ourselves.  Or, rather, allowing the Devil, our mortal enemy, from destroying us.  We are free—right now.  So tell it.

Tell others what God has done for you today, since yesterday and even before.  Tell others, what you would like for Him to do for you tomorrow.  Is there doubt about the future?  Well…yes, because you don’t know for sure if you are able to keep to His plan.  But whatever happens, know this:  He will never, ever abandon you and leave you totally to your own plan, not unless you really want to.

It’s really up to you.

Before the first time you picked up, God put into place a plan of action to bring you out. 

What’s taking you so long to use the plan?