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How many times have you taped a note on the door of your room to remind you when you leave you don’t have to use drugs?  How many times have you counted your money and set a certain amount to the side and allotted so much for drugs and yet at the end of the day there was nothing left in either pile?  How many times have you taken your paraphernalia and destroyed it vowing never to visit the places which sell them?  How many times?  Yet whatever effort you put forth never worked.  You were playing games with yourself because ultimately you knew what you were going to do.  Your best efforts, for the most part, just delayed the inevitable.

As I stood waiting for the bus I realized something.  The urges I’ve had are the same I had then but what’s the difference?  Then, I couldn’t control myself and HAD to do whatever it took to get high.  Today, I’m standing and waiting for a bus to take me to work and not to the district to pick up.  Why?  What’s the difference?  I’m still the same man.  The urges are the same.  It’s God.  God has made the difference.  He’s the One who’s changing your life so there isn’t that craving which is uncontrollable which led you to making the choices you made then.  It is He which has given you whatever you needed to begin to live a life of freedom and right choices.  It has nothing to do with sponsors, meetings, cliches or key-ring-receiving anniversaries.  It is God, plain and simple.

God deserves all the credit for the happiness we have today, and when you experience a little sadness, be grateful you are alive.