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If you are reading this, today, you are blessed.  Think about it.  How many times could you have taken a hit and died?  No, really think about it.  Could you have had a stroke and died at any time?  Could you have had a heart-attack and passed away, at any time?  Could you have become paranoid while driving and driven off the road or in front of another car?  Could you have gone out the window and it was more than two stories?  The point is, could you have died while using?

You are reading this today because you are blessed.  None of those things happened resulting in your death.  Very often, for sure, you will be tempted to make one last run, “out there”.  As a good friend and counselor once told me, “There are no more last runs to make”.  You made it.  He used to say also, “There are no bad guys who’ve decided to get help.  The bad guys are still, “out there”.  The fact you are here means you aren’t as bad as you thought you might have been.  You couldn’t handle it, that’s why you’re here!”

It’s no secret God loves us.  He wants to see us saved just as much as we desire to be saved, at times.  It’s those times when we are weak and desire to return, not fully, but just for a moment, to that mad life of addiction.  Even if you could just have one more chance at whatever it was that held you captive for so long, is it worth it if your brain and heart stopped this time?

When you have achieved even a moment of sobriety, it is worth everything to maintain it.