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We are so in a rush, when we come out from the wild life of addiction, to resume our life, but the truth of the matter is, we forgot how.  We lived undisciplined lives in our constant search for drugs.  We did everything imaginable to keep the high going.  We could not keep still.  When we were still it was because the drugs were finished.  Nobody was coming to bring us anything and that was the worse part of it all, the being still.  Our mind would run, thinking what we could do to acquire more and more and more…

Sobriety in comparison is very dull.  It’s what we want but we do not know how to live in it.  We must learn, or relearn discipline from going to bed at a certain hour, to rising at a certain hour, eating at a certain time, showering, doing laundry, preparing meals, etc.  When it becomes “routine” or the “rut” affably so-called, just remember what was the opposite.  This time when you have time to sit still, listen for the voice of God because He is now trying to get our attention because our minds are now clear to be receptive to His voice.  One of the most interesting messages He will tell you is, “Be still and know I am God.”

God desires to spend time with you, and it is best when you are still.