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Often times I think we frustrate ourselves because we take on too much.  There is nothing wrong in desiring what is best and taking responsibility.  The problem comes when we go over the line with what we’re supposed to do and what God is supposed to do.  There is a separation of duties here.  My part is to desire salvation and it is His part to bring it about.  I cannot do His part and it is for sure He cannot do mine.  It is an agreement, a working relationship, between you and God.

When things are happening and you are experiencing difficulties in overcoming addictions in your life you have to begin to understand what your part is and what is God’s part in this battle.  It is God’s part to bring about healing, forgiveness and fulfillment.  It is your part to accept what He is giving to you and believe in the healing He has promised to give you.  It is your part to accept the forgiveness He has given and continues to give you and it is your part to recognize what “true” fulfillment is.  True fulfillment is salvation.  It is our only goal on earth in this life; which is paramount to all others.

If you struggle with the urge to use, accept you are supposed to have an urge, from time to time, but we do not have to succumb to the urge.  God doesn’t want us to do so and stands ready to provide you with whatever is needed to give you what you need to stop the desire, for this time and all time, depending upon where you are in Him.


God has never failed in an assignment of salvation.  If someone was lost it was due to their desiring to be so.