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It may seem a simple request, but under these circumstances, it’s an extraordinary request.  All she wanted to know was, “IF” it was possible, “one day”, to dress nicely and be driven to a nice restaurant and have dinner?

I met her in the drug ravaged area of my city back in the early 90’s.  I hadn’t lost my job then but I was well on my way.  I wore nice clothing, drove a nice car, and owned a nice home but this is how I appeared before the ravages of my own addiction would bring me down to where I, too, was an “undesirable”.  She wanted to have an opportunity to be treated as a woman, not a piece of meat for sale depending upon how much drugs you had.  It was in the middle of the night, in the middle of a park where we were going to use drugs, a hot summer night, not a breeze blowing and this is when she asked me.  For one moment, looking into her eyes I saw humanity crying out for help.  She wanted an opportunity to do what either she has done before but not anymore, or maybe has never done but know others who have and would like to have “one time” happen for her.

I wonder where she is today as I take my meals wherever I wish to.  I wonder if she ever had the opportunity to dine at a fine establishment, to be treated as a woman.  Or, is she still walking through parks, at night, looking for the next hit of drugs?

“Yes, I’d take you out to dinner, now, but I don’t know where you are.”

When you take up the habit to do drugs, you give up the privilege of doing everything else.