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A friend of mine called to let me know she received notice they’re renovating her apartment and they can accommodate her in an older section for about $200 more a month than she is currently paying and when her apartment is completed, she can move back into it at a $400 monthly increase!  She’s laid off, hasn’t worked steady in a year and a half and was surprised after telling me these things my response was not as others.  Why would it be?  I’ve known the experience she’s having, except mine, was created due to substance abuse.  Hers is economic but either way there’s a lesson to be learned.

God is reaching His people in various ways opened to Him to do so.  Whether you’re fighting the fight of sobriety, financial woes, family problems or whatever, know God is quite aware of what you’re experiencing.  He’s going to use whatever it is you’re dealing with as a catalyst to bring you closer to Him.  Will you let Him?  I responded to her, “No, I’m not surprised.  This is His way of testing your faith.”  She agreed.  I remember her telling me she wouldn’t take a room such as I have taken to live.  Pride!  I’m comfortable in my room.  I remember a smaller room shared with two people, sharing the same toilet, sometimes moments after each other, in a prison cell.  So today, I’m blessed because I have whatever I want and need in this room.  It’s mine and I’ve adjusted my pride so I will be comfortable no matter who visits with me or not.

For those He cannot reach with substance abuse, He’ll use financial problems.  For those who He cannot reach with financial problems, He’ll use substance abuse.  What’s the difference?  We’re all given an opportunity to grow.

God will reach us where we are.  Will take us where we think we don’t want to be and the end result will be glorious.