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We did it!  Isn’t it exciting?  Together we went through some difficult times, but we went through it.  This is the key:  WE WENT THROUGH IT.  There might be some of you who stopped off and had a moment of relapse, but welcome back and you’re given a chance to continue along the road. Not begin again, but continue.  There is a difference.

I’ve taken this time to share with you some rough times I had during this month.  Although I have been clean and sober for quite awhile, perhaps the Lord allowed me to experience some moments I thought were past and never to be experienced again, for your benefit and for mine, to help me remember what it’s like to have those urges and struggle.  Several moments I was afraid but, He always came through with a plan just as He said He would, “making a way of escape” for you and I.

Next month promises more of the same.  The only difference, it’s a shorter month, so either the evil one will concentrate his efforts stronger, given the shorter period of time, or we’ll go through it as planned by our Father with His timing and help.  The one thing I want to have established here is we, “don’t give up”, even when we have given up!  Okay?  Now, onto the next month.  Enjoy this achievement. 


It’s never easy overcoming a habit.  It’s not supposed to be.

So, don’t expect it should.