The question I would have to ask those who think what President Trump has called for is wrong, I have two major questions to ask you:  (1)  Do you think Islam is an established faith brought forth by God?  In other words, do you accept it as a true religion?  One who directs properly in the issue of salvation?  Can you honestly say, or believe, Islam is of God and not satan?  Whatever answer you choose will determine the point of this post.  And, for all tense and purposes, I will keep prophecy out of this and speak about this on an even playing level.

(2) How many of you have bothered to read the Koran?  If you have not, then you have no idea of what it says, what these people stand for and their ideology?  And let me tell you this upfront and quickly, your being a “Christian” gets no brownie points with them, no matter how many times it might be stated they are “good people”.  They are not.  Their faith teaches them there is only one god.  Notice I did not capitalize the letter “g”.  Their “Allah” is not “Yahweh” and nor can it ever be.  The whole philosophy behind Islam is in teaching a singular, “one” God.  Yes, it might sound familiar except there is a major problem with it.  They see Christ as a man, not divine.  They see Christ as being important, a prophet, but have no further use for Him because they do not teach needing to have a savior.  Therefore, no need for Christ.  Are you still with me?

They believe Muhammad was the one spoken to come when we know, the Scriptures, was referring to the Holy Spirit.  Is the Holy Spirit Muhammad?  They do not believe in an intercessor.  They do not believe in a “spirit” going forth, from God, as being God.  So, how does this fit in with your Christian ideology?

Therefore, if they teach in the “one-ness” of god, and He has no equal and salvation is primarily what you do for yourself, and they teach those who do not believe this are “infidels”, and worthy of death, where does that place you within their scope of religion?  You need to stop looking at them in one way because they are not looking at you in the same manner.  They see us as a problem which need to be eradicated from the earth, and it is your religion which opens the door for you to be bushwhacked wondering what happened!  So, doesn’t it make sense, if this faith is not of God then it must be of the devil and if his teaching is to make whomever worthy of worship, would it not be himself or the true God?  And you want to open the door, wide, and accept them?  God doesn’t!

Is it any wonder why they can destroy you and themselves at the same time without impunity?  They’ve learned to get over their fear of death because they believe they will enter paradise.  How does this sound with your Christianity?  Now, most of you are in align with them because you believe, too, the false teaching of immediately entering heaven upon your death.  So, maybe there is more in common with you, and them, then you might let on.  While the devil uses truth mixed with his lies to bring about his version of religion, God can only use truth—totally, to bring about His faith.  And when Christ told Eve that His people cannot, and will not mix with the children of the world, who do you think He was referring to?

Many of you do not open your hearts to sin.  You won’t subject yourself to false teaching.  Yet, you will open your door to those whose only purpose is to either convert you or kill you?  Now, you could use the excuse, by letting them in you will have an opportunity to “convert” them.  Yeah, well, I wish you much success on this one.  It is so much easier for them to sway you in their direction than it will be for you to persuade them to become a Christian.  Just look around you at those who left Christianity and became pseudo-Muslims, like the “Nation of Islam” and “Black Muslims” in the U.S., another sect who has not a clue of what they believe and what they are doing, but the fact many of them grew up in Christians churches and sat alongside you in the pews of your church, regardless if on Sunday or the Sabbath, trying to reach them is next to impossible because they understand the one fully and learned the other.  What have you learned with your one-sided view?  That’s why I have read the Koran.  I don’t walk with bias but understanding.  I make judgments based upon knowledge, not my heart—completely.  Common-sense leads my way and not ignorance.  So, what is leading you?  And if you say, “Christ”, then my next question is: what makes you so sure, when He’s already chosen not to do that?


January 31, 2017