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Perhaps the major difference between secular drug rehabilitation versus Christian is we are not as much concerned with the act as we are with the urge.  NA/CA/AA teaches strongly we should not “pick up”.  Their whole focus is about the “use” of the drug, whereas from a Christian point of view, once you even began to “lust” within your heart, the act has already been completed.  Therefore, we must concentrate on the reason for the urge.  Why is it we are desiring such a self-destructive drug?  Why is it we want to use it and what benefit are we hoping to get from it?    It is imperative, then, for us to recognize when the urge comes and not so much fight against the act.  We can calculate, scheme, plan or take whatever steps we think will be beneficial to avoid the “act” but if we are not handling the “urge”, we are merely “dry drunks”, “dry addicts” and frustrated to no end.  So, what is the point?  If I am going to be miserable, I’d rather be miserable having completed the act than struggle with the urge.

A doctor once told me having depression can be a good thing for it is telling our body, we are not content with what we are doing, where we are and if we listen to it, move to a different situation, we would be better off.  I propose we should do the same whenever we get the “urge” and listen to our body, mind and the Spirit of God.  There is something happening which is not good and it is a warning system provided for us to listen and learn, then make a move to better our lives.  Do not concern yourself with the act.  Concentrate more on the urge and make a positive step in correcting whatever “it” might be which will satisfy any symptomatic “act” which will follow.  You see, without an urge there can be no act.  It will not even be a thought!

“Be still and know I am God”, takes care of the act.

“As according to your faith, be ye healed”, takes care of the urge.