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While doing my Bible study for the day, I came across a familiar verse which echoed in my ear the reason for my recent struggle with urges of wanting to pick up again.  It had to do with my thinking.  The text warned about looking at those things which are problematic for us.  Although I did not actually see my problem—physically, I was imagining it in my mind.  This is a big problem.

Whether you are in a ministry, rehab or even prison, you were graciously removed from the source of your problem.  This is a blessing.  Why is it then we, in our mind, over and over and over again revisit the reason why we are where we are?  What could we possible receive which would be beneficial this time by using?  Look at what it has done to us.  Remember it from this perspective and see if it is still as attractive as it was before.

We have to remember, there is someone out there who knows us well and who was involved with us every day while we struggled and who presented us with many ideas on how to capture what it was we thought we needed and enjoyed.  In truth, and you can see it now, he tried to destroy us.  So, it begins NOW with you having to change your thinking regarding it and yourself.  It is not a matter of how others see you but how you want to see yourself, and, it is not as difficult as it might seem.

The answer is simply, “don’t think about it”.

While we can get away from persons, places and things, it is assured, we cannot escape our thoughts.

They must be destroyed and replaced with new ones.