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Remember my telling you of the difficult experience I encountered this past weekend?  Tonight one of our guests who checked in is an undercover police officer from another jurisdiction.  He told his story of being assigned, for the past several months to our city to assist in drug arrests.  One of his tactics to fit in would be to dirty himself with common dirt, to get grime underneath his nails, and mess up his hair.  I was surprised when he mentioned how, outside a popular donut shop where drug trafficking was known to be very heavy, one of his partners would toss a banana into the garbage and he, playing the part of a man down and out on his luck would reach into the very same garbage can and retrieve the banana and eat it!  Now, what police officer would do such a thing? Might be the very question asked if anyone saw what he just did.  Surely he was one of ours, would reason those who were either trying to purchase or sell drugs.

It could have been the same street, perhaps a bit further up from the area I would have sought drugs, but then again maybe not.  I read recently the police were placing women decoys, which was my own personal strategy for procuring drugs since they were, “out there” all the time and knew where the best stash was being sold, along the area I used to frequent.  Everyone knows, “old habits die hard”.

You see, it’s a good thing I won the victory this past weekend.  Otherwise, I might have been finishing this devotional behind the wall! 


God has a reason to bring us in.  Let’s not give Him a reason to take us out!