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I ran into my brother-in-law of my first marriage and it seemed as if time hadn’t changed from the almost thirty plus years last seeing him.  He was on the corner looking for a handout.  Whether alcohol or drugs, if not even for food, the point was, nothing had changed in his life.  He was still, “out there”.  After speaking with him for a few minutes catching up with the news of former family and friends, and putting money in his hand, he said something which caught my attention, “I’ve had a good life.”

A GOOD LIFE!  Having lost your wife to AIDS!  No job and no job prospects, living in a rooming house and that was barely because I knew the landlord and the word “eviction” came up in a conversation pertaining to him, and in winter, no support whatsoever and you’ve had a “good life”?  Either he’s stoned now or I am, because, I missed something.  Then I thought about what he said and the context in which he said it.  He was alive when many of the people traveling along the path he traveled for so many years were dead.  He’s saw a lot regardless of how he has seen it and except for some obvious situations, he and I were pretty much the same.  I’m, too, am only a “hit away” from a full-blown addictive lifestyle.  I, too, am only a paycheck or two away from being homeless—again!

It is a good life actually.  I’m alive and can feel.  I can think and I’m thinking right now how good life really is.  How I am grateful in spite of all the superficial difficulties I think I am in, I still have a God who is taking care of this child.

Yeah, thanks Chuckie for teaching me truth about life.  At least we still have it!

No matter how difficult life may seem at the moment, we’re still here and for all tense and purposes, we’re still making it work and there is a God who’s still giving opportunities…


*Chuckie died in 2010.  This was written 2007