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The Bible talks about God permitting the locust and caterpillars to eat away at our assets when we do not follow Him.  In other words, He orders those things we call good: homes, jobs, families, money, education advantages to disappear because we are not being mindful of the One who brings us those things better known as blessings.  As an addict, you remember how you sold those items of value to give you what money you needed in order to obtain more drugs.  You continued and continued until you ran out and then you began to look around to see what others had so you could steal.

Those days are finally over.  There is also a text which says God will make the former house greater than the latter.  He restores unto us the years the locust and caterpillars have eaten, WHEN we return to Him.  Isn’t this great?  How many times, when testifying about addiction you talked about things you lost?  Well, here’s a newsflash:  You did not lose anything.  You see, when you lose something, it means you’ve misplaced it.  Like a coin in your pocket falling out and when you reached into your pocket to complete a sale, it’s not there.  Well, you remember exactly where that television went, where that car went, where those family members went, where those laptop’s, as in my case,  were sold.  You didn’t “lose” them, you “sold” them.  We just happen to have a Heavenly Father who remembers exactly where you gave them away, and He promises to restore those things back to us “if” we give ourselves and our addictions over to Him.

So, now that feeding time is finished for those locust and caterpillars, it’s time for us to eat and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

When you sit sullen and remember those things you have given away for a moment of ill-gotten pleasure…

Just keep in mind the treasure you will soon experience.  The reward of giving your life to God.