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During the long years of my addiction, I never had this thought until many years in my sobriety did I realize God knew all of this long before I ever picked up my first drug.  Think about it.  Before you were born, He knew the suffering and pain you would have to undergo before you would reach this part of your life of having overcome addiction!  Now, as awesome as this might sound, the second part of it will really amaze you.  He knew it would be the catalyst whereby you would be saved!  That’s right!  He was going to use all of the heartache associated with addiction to bring you into His presence where He would be able to save you!

We couldn’t see Him while hanging on the corner, in the ‘hood, looking for that next hit.  We couldn’t see Him while sneaking around the dilapidated buildings trying to find a dry place to use.  We couldn’t see Him when we sold our television or wedding rings, or couldn’t show up for work, or was kicked out of our homes, separated from our families, left in isolation in “The Box” in prison.  We couldn’t see Jesus was right there, all the time, not only in the midst of our filth, but He wanted us to see Him, to ask Him what we are asking Him now, for salvation.  Why, oh why, could we not see Him then as we are seeing Him now?  What’s the difference?

It is for certain, He has never changed.  It is us.  Let’s use this time now to continue looking at Him, promising Him and ourselves to not lose sight of Him again, knowing from whence we’ve come.

Nothing about you has gone to waste, except, when you have given up.