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In some of our past lives, prior to addiction, some of us were attorneys, pastors, accountants, housewives and husbands, doctors, clerical workers, etc.  We had a purpose and goals set for our lives until addiction came and robbed us of everything.  Then we found the way to sobriety and began to have desires and reclaimed those lost dreams.  We found ourselves pushing, striving and reaching for those things which were the hallmark of our happiness.  We also learned to desire for those things we hadn’t thought about before and we very often found ourselves disappointed and frustrated because they’re not happening fast enough.

I struggled with fame and the need to do great things for the Lord.  I should be on the pulpit with this message given to me.  I should be managing houses of ministry for persons caught in addiction as I was.  I should be on the air, in print, in everything until God stopped me dead in my tracks one night while walking to work.  I was praying and asked Him what it was He wanted me to do now I was saved and sober.  What great tasks was I to perform which would bring acclaim to His name?  How many people did He want me to go out and be the catalyst of their salvation?  His answer was both short and a surprise.  It was,

“Can’t it be enough My goal was to save you?”

When we think about all the great things we have lost, all of the great things we now can do…

Remember what great thing God had done, just in saving you!