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Many will offer many reasons as to why you might have become an addict whether due to your dysfunctional family history, emotional issues or society of which you associate, but “how” you became an addict is simply because you chose to make a decision to use the first time.  Why you did it, is another story.  Many secular programs would have you believe you will always be an addict, and it is a disease and all you have to do is just not, “pick up”.  None of which is necessarily true—if you don’t want it to be.

When I attended my first meeting, I knew instantly what I was hearing, I was in the wrong place.  I could not accept I would have this struggle all my life.  If this would be the case, I was doomed.  I loved the feeling of the high too much.  I loved the hunt, the “mission” as it is called on the street; and if it had to deal with what was wrong with me, from birth or growing up, then how could I possibly correct this?

In short, it was not a program or a ministry, nor friends or a change of ideology which is responsible for my sobriety today.  It was Jesus.  He assured me He could fix any dysfunctional family history.  He assured me He could heal any emotional issues, and He also assured me if I associate with Him, then my desire to associate with others, who were not good for me, would change.

And, so I did.  As a result of doing it, I’m no longer an addict.  I am not bothered by activities of a disease and I don’t concern myself with not “picking up” today.  I just live in the manner which He has wanted me to do, since the beginning, when He first thought about me.

Do not let other’s inability to receiving healing, be the reason for you not living in it.