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When I was taken to the drug addiction ministry which would become the catalyst of my sobriety, it was being administered by an elderly man had suffered his own struggle with addiction during the heroin epidemic in the 50’s and 60’s.  When he asked me why I wanted to be admitted, I told him my story.  He peered over his glasses and under his straw hat, seeming to look inside my soul to see if he could detect anything amiss with his cataract-filled eyes; and after pouring out my heart to him said, “Well son, thank God you just made it.  Come on in.”

His message to those men and women who would enter those portals was this:  We were special and marked as such.  In the spirit world not only angels could see us but the devil as well.  He could see God’s special hand upon us and worked especially hard to destroy us because of the influence he knew we’d have if we were set free.  I believed him.  I knew I was God’s own and I knew the evil one was especially after me and grateful for the privilege to have a place of refuge to enter where I could re-establish my relationship with God.  I knew there would be no other way for me to obtain freedom from the addictions I suffered.

I’ve said it many times before but I’ll state it here for the first time.  If the devil could only realize how in fact he is cooperating with God to drive us forward into the kingdom where he can no longer enter, then he would stop bothering us.  It’s very important as you begin this new journey, this new adventure in living, to not give up when you’re frustrated and disappointed, when you feel the urge to go back, “out there”.  You’re supposed to have these moments because he still wants you, to destroy you, so, “Thank God, you made it”, and now stay where it is safe. 


Never give up on yourself. Keep going until the end.

Vikki Blossom