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Today one of the staff members and I, at the job, were talking about our experiences while we were still, “out there”.  It’s the routine talk about what we did, each talking about those moments we remember which basically was tantamount to our having a good time.  The women, the good stuff we found and used, the places we practiced our foolishness and the great feeling.  Then the conversation took on a different mood.  We talked about the ones who were still, “out there”, in fact, his twin sister.  How many of them are either still, “out there”, or dead.  How coincidental a woman I met where I now live died and her uncle works where I work today!  A young woman, beautiful, in her 30’s—dead!

Today, he’s the head of security and I’m the night auditor of a prestigious hotel in New York.  Who’d ever thought former crack-heads would be watching a hotel and its money!?!  In our day, we’d empty the cash registers and commit quite a serious amount of damage to the two hundred room hotel we’re responsible for tonight, especially each room having a large screened television, too! Who’d ever thought we’d be still alive when we were in the midst of our addiction!  The foolishness we talked about which gave us exhilarating memories meant death for so many.

We’re two of the fortunate ones today because except for the grace of God, it could have been us still, “out there”, and somebody else talking about us while they are enjoying their sobriety.

The words we speak while sharing with others, need to be mindful of our fallen sisters and brothers.