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A group of men dragged a woman they found in the act of adultery to Jesus, to see what He would do.  Hardly do we ever confront Jesus whether directly or indirectly without some realization of ourselves.  This woman had an addiction to sex.  They knew where she would be and why.  You know the story.  At the end when no one was around to make accusations against her, Jesus told her something key to overcoming addiction, “Woman, where are thine accusers?”  She responded there weren’t any.  He then said, “Then I don’t accuse you either.  Go, and sin no more.”

Go and sin no more.  In other words, whatever you were brought to Me for has been resolved.  It is within the gift I have given you despite what others think about you and whatever actions they might take against you.  I have freed you from this time and from this act.  Leave here knowing you don’t have to do it anymore.  She received healing.

She left to return to the place from which she was dragged.  She was a changed woman, but who else witnessed what took place just moments before when she was alone with Jesus?  No one.  Who will witness what takes place in your heart when you, too, have been alone with Jesus?  When He has pronounced healing from your addiction(s) and then makes a way for you to get back home; who would have seen and believed you are healed?  No one.  Just as this woman would have to live a lifestyle different from which she was saved, you will have to do the same, and despite however long you will do it, no matter how successful you are, there will be those who will never accept your healing.  Praise God our healing is not dependent upon other’s acceptance.  It is based upon having spent time with Him and hearing Him pronounce, “I don’t accuse you either.  Go and sin no more.”

Let not what others say, determine the outcome of your day.