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Why so much energy creating these devotionals?  Why so much desire for developing a safe place where addicts can find refuge and help to get them above addiction?  Why not return to a life of self-service and find my own place, and peace, and move on with life now that I’m free from my own substance abuse addiction?  Why do I desire to stay in the mud and grapple for those who are being pulled away by addiction?  The answer is this:  “I Love You”.

I know and saw what Christ has done and still continues to do, for me.  It is purely out of a response of love He does this.  He is my example.  I don’t desire anything greater than to do for you what He has done for me.  This is why I will forego those things: houses, cars, career and even family to be with those of you who deserve another opportunity.  I’m not afraid to devote the remainder of my life for a very special cause:  you.  “I Love You” are words so quickly said and mean so many different things, but when it is done as opposed to being said, then its true value comes through.  People respond to genuine love which is by action and not by word only.

We need to hear these words, “I Love You” and we need to see them demonstrated in our lives.  Love covers a multitude of problems.  Love is the greatest healing agent to combat addiction. Love, in a pure and true act, will change the course of lives into something so great it will be an awesome experience to see men and women grow from the mess of addiction, into the men and women God intended them to be when He first thought of them.


If you have everything except love, you have nothing.