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Having been reunited with an old girlfriend after thirty-two years and catching up, the issue which seem to be paramount between the both of us is, “clarity”.  We wish to know, without a doubt, what God wants in our lives.  It is no secret God’s will will be carried out but as humans who love Him, it is our desire to know what it is He wants and want to willingly participate.  Perhaps He doesn’t always tell us these things because then we’d spend more time in consideration than in doing; so, my prayer this morning was asking for “clarity”.

Today I had a bit of “clarity”.  A referred friend who is assisting me in furthering my goal of ministry put me in contact with someone.  He called last night providing the contact information.  I called this morning but unable to reach him.  I had a book I promised someone I would mail yesterday and thought better to do it today.  When I walked into the post office, a gentleman acknowledged me and in his words, “Maybe it is a sign”.  It was the gentleman I tried reaching, by phone, just twenty minutes before!

In the words of my former girlfriend, “Life goes on whether we pray or not.”  True, but I think it is better when we have discussions (prayer) with God.  Interpersonal relationships will go on whether we talk or not but they tend to do best when there is communication between the parties and there appears to be “clarity”; after all, isn’t this what we want?


Understanding is not a requirement for clarity.  Acceptance is.