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Yesterday, I mentioned finding a pipe while doing laundry and today I struggled with thoughts.  Although it is clear to me who has won in the war of my life, it doesn’t mean there will not be battles ahead.  The enemy is not satisfied when God picks us up and sets us straight.  You will never be free from the enemy’s tempting plans but what you can be assured of, you’re involved with a God who doesn’t fail to protect and provide for you.

It is not ironic as we end this year on a victorious high note the enemy wouldn’t have tried one last attempt to make any of us fall.  This is his job and he will not fail in doing it and neither should we in standing straight and tall for what we’ve known to be truth and what has kept us these many days.  God saw the enemy’s intention to trip me up and have it so my last words of this testimony will be of failure, but I’m glad to report the victory is still going on despite the enemy’s effort.

Be encouraged no matter what your situation.  Remember, you are in a fight not only for your life, but for you “eternal” life, and this is so precious to the enemy he wishes to take it from you.  God created you to spend eternity with Him so how much more precious are you in His sight?  This is war and we should never be comfortable resting until the day we are walking on streets of gold. 

Even though the enemy wants you, God wants you more.