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Doing laundry and turned the corner to head home and the sun glinted off something shiny on the ground.  It wasn’t hidden and just lying there.  I looked at it and thought about the person who it belonged.  In one of my moments of paranoia, I, too, have left many pipes hoping when I came to my senses it would be there.  Or, it could have been one of those times I left the pipe hoping it was my last time; no, I would have crushed it.  I think about the person who just used and know what they’re suffering because I have been there and glad I can think about it without it having control over me.

Today is also a very cold day, won’t get above 20F.  I passed this same spot several times already today while doing laundry and hadn’t noticed it before.  I think I would have.  You don’t forget a past like this one.  Even now I’m conscious of things on the ground.  Having lived a life of homelessness, you would be surprised of the money found, so you keep your focus on what someone has lost.  Someone recently left this but my hope is they’re leaving it behind, the life of addiction.

I’ll tend to the rest of my laundry.  I’m glad, today, I can do laundry and want to do it.  I’m glad I have the money to do it and can wear clean clothing.  These things I couldn’t do when I was caught in my addiction.  Yes, I’m glad “I found a pipe today” because it shows it hadn’t found me and I can get rid of this one and continue on my journey helping others.  Perhaps the one who lost this one I will eventually meet.


Someone once said, “Be careful, ‘out there’.  You might find something you didn’t lose.”