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We have done so well.  “Do not give up” whether it’s near the end of the year, end of the month, end of the week, or end of the day, “DO NOT GIVE UP!”  For some unknown reason there seem to be an advantage, some type of power when we do not give up when nearing the end and receive a refreshing when the next begins, so the message today is for you not to give up.  Do not think about beginning again for then you are setting yourself up to be satisfied making a mistake now.  You do not have to do it.  You can go into the next month victorious for having overcome whatever the problem is today, at this very moment.  This is how experience is formulated.  This is the part of the story told later with much power for the convincing of those who need to know what it is you’ve gone through.  If you do not go through—there is no story!

We’re in a battle for our lives.  This is called the “battlefield”.  You know the war well and have been able to make it to this point in your experience.  The victory’s already won but we must go through the experience of knowing what it is in our lives.  Yes, our battle over addiction was fought two thousand years ago and we won.  We are winners but now we must go through the experience of victory, so do not give up because you would not have failed to achieve “clean-living” but you would have failed to live in the victory of clean-living which is already yours.

There is no timeline to follow.  There is no statistic we’re trying to satisfy.  Our only command for our life is simply this:  “Do not give up.”


God never gave up on you.  Why give up on God?