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The Bible says, “By their fruit you will know them.”  Those persons who claim to be Christian are similar to those who claim to be healed of addiction.  To speak about what you are and what you are doing are “buds and blossoms”, but it isn’t fruit.  Someone who is genuine in their belief show it by their actions.  They’re not perturbed by getting, “out there” and helping those who are still struggling and demonstrating to them, not by their mouth only, but by their actions to relieve the distress of the lives of those they know so well.  We are commanded, by God, to help those who need help and show them a better way then the world may provide, for many times the world’s help is, too, a problem.

Too many times we are motivated by intentions but fall short of taking action. Each time we neglect to do what we know we should do, someone is going without!  Someone who could have been drawn closer, not only to God but to better and restored health, goes without because they cannot benefit by our intentions.  We must act.  This is our fruit.

I’m so thankful Christ didn’t say, “Well, I intended to die for you but something else came up!” Can you imagine the state of humanity in this case?  Make today the day your fruit can be seen and if you’re continuing to dealing with buds and blossoms, today will be the day fruit will not appear.


We don’t know how much time we have left, so what is left, use it as much as you can.