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Many want answers to questions, from God, and believe they are not receiving what they need to know and question why.  Why isn’t God willing to impart to me what I need?  Then comes frustration and anxiety and soon doubting of God and His very existence, and this from people who once stood firm, unmovable and now seem to be shifting.  Why is this?  When God has given you the great gift of “clean-living” and despite many who will not believe you are living a life of “sobriety”, we may find ourselves actually sinning.  We won’t tell what is going on with us (commission), and when given an opportunity to witness, we shun away (omission).  God can’t bless you for living in this manner.

If you have received this gift, and it is, we are beholding to those who we left, “out there” and are struggling to show them there is a better way to achieve the pleasure of overcoming addiction, while many will tell them it is not possible.  No one will know of this great power of God, in your life, unless you are willing to not only tell it when given the opportunity but to actually live it in front of those unbelievers.  How do you live it in front of unbelievers?  By going among them.  When Jesus was out healing lepers, those shunned from society and fear it being contagious, there was Christ found among them.  He even touched them!  Which was considered wrong by those who should have had compassion for them.  Is the power of your healing stronger than the call of addiction?  It should be.

We who are believers are held to a higher accountability and must reach out to those who are struggling.  If God hadn’t reached out to you and blessed your life, would you not want to know about it?  Wouldn’t you want to be blessed in the way you are experiencing today?  Then, do not withhold this from others.  You are so sorely needed.


When you accepted the gift of healing from addiction, this made you a minister, so, go minister.