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You cannot put a couple of coins into a slot, determine what the combinations of numbers are of the item you want, pull a lever or press a button and out from the bottom of the machine your item awaits you.  It doesn’t work quite that way with God.  Someone asked me to pray for them and when I asked them to share with me for what, since I don’t believe in “blanket prayers”, because God is a specific God, they asked me to pray God will send them a spouse!  I asked them, have you asked Him yourself and if you did, what did He say?  I proceeded to inform this person, God requires something of you and it’s just not trying to use God as a vending machine to get what you want.

People think God is this Supreme Being, all good and just waiting to bestow gifts of answered prayers upon people who either have a connection with Him or know others who have a connection and can pray for them.  They do not want to spend time with Him in the morning with prayer and Bible study “before” they begin their day.  They’re not willing to spend time with Him after work, or school, and learn through the various ways God communicate what it is He’s wanting to do for them; so, why bother asking if you’re not willing to have a relationship with Him?

The next time you want to ask God for something, stop a moment and ask Him, “What is it You wish me to do for You?”  And listen closely to what He has to say.


God loves giving but He enjoys receiving, too!