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Even before I knew who He was, “Jesus loved me”.    Although I have not been the man I could have been, having done some despicable things, “Jesus loves me”.  The many times I crept around in the middle of the night, smoking crack and stealing from others, “Jesus loved me”.  The many harsh things I’ve said to others, about others and smiled in their faces in order to get what I have wanted, “Jesus ‘still’ loved me”.

This is what keeps me going, knowing it is His love for me which is unshakable, and sees beyond what I am able to see and know I have His support, His love, is more than I can understand, but I accept it as a gift given.  To have God’s love directed at me gives me a confidence I can do all things, can go through all difficult moments knowing He’s with me and will not allow anything to happen to me.  I can trust Him.  I can rely on Him to help me when I cannot see help forthcoming.  To depend upon Him when it seems all odds are against me, the fact “Jesus loves me” keeps me going.  “Jesus Loves Me.”

My fellow addict and those who love them, know God loves “you”.  There isn’t anything so bad you have done, will do, or can do which will change this wonderful fact, “Jesus loves us.”


Jesus loving me is more than enough.